EnochSpeaks tackles unpleasant issues regarding the high jail and prison rate of young Black males in America and what can be done to correct this serious situation. "Charity starts at home and spreads abroad along with each one teach one is our battle cry". In today's modern and technology savvy world our children are being left behind with little to no applicable life skills. The civil rights movement must revamp itself into a new and improved educational based and life skill training organization. To ensure that discrimination stays on the ropes we must develop and implement year-round training programs designed to enable our youth to succeed in life. Enoch Hagans is the owner and publisher of the Vision Newspaper and Blogtalkradio and is using the latest in technology to spread the word throughout the minority community that change is here. President Barrack Obama has shown us that with hard work and a good education anything is possible.
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No Hero
Michael Vick No Hero
With all the drama surrounding Michael Vick dogfighting situation one can easily forget about what's really important in the minority community? NAACP officials are sounding the horn making statements about allowing Mr. Vick to continue with his career, implying that there is hidden racism regarding the way his case was handled by federal officials. Enoch Speaks disagrees with the NAACP statements and this show will tell you why?
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