EnochSpeaks tackles unpleasant issues regarding the high jail and prison rate of young Black males in America and what can be done to correct this serious situation. "Charity starts at home and spreads abroad along with each one teach one is our battle cry". In today's modern and technology savvy world our children are being left behind with little to no applicable life skills. The civil rights movement must revamp itself into a new and improved educational based and life skill training organization. To ensure that discrimination stays on the ropes we must develop and implement year-round training programs designed to enable our youth to succeed in life. Enoch Hagans is the owner and publisher of the Vision Newspaper and Blogtalkradio and is using the latest in technology to spread the word throughout the minority community that change is here. President Barrack Obama has shown us that with hard work and a good education anything is possible.
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Support Our Troops
  • Pub Date: Jun 11, 2007 - 1:00 am
  • Iraq War Vets Disabilities Are Being Downgraded
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  • As a disabled veteran who served this country, I was alarmed when reading a news article that stated that Iraq War Veterans disabilities were being downgraded! With all the talk of Support the Troops going around our nation I am reminded once again of the old saying that talk is cheap. According to this news article several soldiers were given a zero per-cent disability rating by the Army who had traumatic brain injury, caused by roadside bombs while assigned in Iraq. This is unbeleivable in this day and age that men who have put it all on the line will soon be seen walking aimlessly down the street as they join the ranks of the homeless.This is an outrage that must be addressed before our veterans wounded in this conflict hit rock bottom!